1. To promote and advance the art and science, practice and business of physical planning in all its branches throughout Bangladesh;
  2. To enhance efficiency in the Planning profession and practice;
  3. To guide and regulate the professional activities and assist in maintaining high standards in the general conduct of its members;
  4. To lay down and uphold professional code of ethics and to make it mandatory for its members to abide by the same in their professional conduct;
  5. To help acquire and exchange knowledge of planning among its members;
  6. To encourage research in planning;
  7. To foster co-ordination among the universities and colleges in Bangladesh and in other countries for mutual benefits in furthering the objectives of the Institute;
  8. To disseminate among its members information on all matters relating to physical planning and to encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information connected therewith by promotion of lectures, discussion or correspondence, by holding conferences, workshops and seminars, publication of papers, periodicals and journals, proceedings, reports, books, circulars and maps or other literary undertaking by encouraging research works or by the establishment of libraries and collection of models, designs, drawings and other articles of interest in connection with physical planning;
  9. To promote the cause of physical planning and integration between physical planning and socio-economic development planning in Bangladesh;
  10. To establish, acquire and manage educational institutions or advise and control such educational establishments where students and apprentices may obtain sound education and training in physical planning on such terms as may be settled by the Institute;
  11. To encourage and promote the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in or about to engage in physical planning or in any employment in connection therewith; and with a view to provide for the holding of classes and to test by examination or otherwise the competence of such persons; and to institute and establish profession-ships, studentship, scholarships rewards and other beneficiations and to grant certificates of competence;
  12. To cooperate with various government, semi government/autonomous agencies and private enterprises connected with the physical planning and advising them in matters concerning the profession and practice of physical planning and promotion of physical education;
  13. To arrange and promote the adoption of equitable forms of planning contracts and other legal documents on such terms as may be expedient;
  14. To promote just and honorable dealing and discourage malpractice in planning;
  15. To do any or all such other acts and things which are incidental or conducive to the above objectives or any of them; and,
  16. Educate the government and the people through advocacy about the importance of planning and its impact in the physical development of the country as well as the negative consequences of physical development without adhering to planning principles and practice.